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Visit Linnie's Ice Cream in Delano

Even though the warmer days are quickly escaping Minnesota, Linnie's Ice Cream in Delano can still hit the spot during any season. If cold treats don't seem to whet your appetite in the chilly weather, Linnie's also has soups, chile, nachos, pie, and hot dogs along with all sorts of mixings.

Though the shop was only founded in 2009, it has garnered a faithful following since. Linnie's was started by Jon and Sheri Steinmetz in the Summer of 2009 and named after their endearing daughter, Linnie. The Steinmetz's are very much involved in the community outside of their ice cream shop, Jon was the Mayor of Delano from 2004-2008 and Sheri participates in a local A capella group. 

Linnie's even has an ice cream challenge called the Linniepalooza where a challenger is tasked with eating 16 scoops of ice cream. The challenge has only been met once by a man who ate well over 16 scoops, 22 scoops in 20 minutes!

Whether you want a cold treat or a hot meal, Linnie's in Delano is a great place to start.

The family owned Linnie's Ice Cream is located in Downtown Delano, MN, on the corner of Bridge and River Street.
Visit the Linnie's Facebook page for hours of operation, news, and more information.
Posted on November 02 2012