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Two Ice Fishing Events Hosted by Wright County

Howard Lake in Wright County will be hosting its 67th Howard Lake Sportsmen’s Club’s Ice Fishing Derby on Saturday, February 9th. Now that’s what I call tradition; 67 years dates the event all the way back to right after WWII, an event spanning generations of Minnesota ice fishers. The grand prize for the event is an Ice Castle Fish House; other prizes will also be given away to runner ups. The contest will be taking place from 1 - 3 pm and tickets are still available.   Brooks Lake in Cokato will also be hosting an ice fishing event, the Free Ice Fishing Contest; but as the title suggests, participation is free. This event is hosted by the Rainbow Sportmen’s Club and runs from 2 - 4 pm on Sunday February 10th. Raffle tickets can be purchased with the chance of winning prizes. While the weather forecasts predict a formidable opponent in mother nature, a little cold and snow never st
Posted on 08 February 2013