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Delano Prepares for Possible Record Flooding

In Delano, Minnesota, the threat of flooding is a spring ritual. Unfortunately, 2013 may bring that threat to a higher degree. The water level of the Crow River is already rapidly rising and close to record levels. Local residents along the Crow River have already begun to prepare for the water invading their homes like an unwanted and destructive force. Paul Youngstadt has a home right on the river and has already begun unloading the contents of his house away from the imminent damage. He actually has a small fishing boat on his lawn that is already floating. The river is at an all-time high for this time of the year just a stone’s throw from Youngstadt’s house. The river is already expected to crest sometime this week. "Downstream that bubble of water will move toward Watertown and Delano, and the Crow River at Delano is now forecast to rise about another two feet, and then crest late Friday or into Saturday at 19.5 feet," MPR News’ Chief Met
Posted on 18 March 2013

Two Ice Fishing Events Hosted by Wright County

Howard Lake in Wright County will be hosting its 67th Howard Lake Sportsmen’s Club’s Ice Fishing Derby on Saturday, February 9th. Now that’s what I call tradition; 67 years dates the event all the way back to right after WWII, an event spanning generations of Minnesota ice fishers. The grand prize for the event is an Ice Castle Fish House; other prizes will also be given away to runner ups. The contest will be taking place from 1 - 3 pm and tickets are still available.   Brooks Lake in Cokato will also be hosting an ice fishing event, the Free Ice Fishing Contest; but as the title suggests, participation is free. This event is hosted by the Rainbow Sportmen’s Club and runs from 2 - 4 pm on Sunday February 10th. Raffle tickets can be purchased with the chance of winning prizes. While the weather forecasts predict a formidable opponent in mother nature, a little cold and snow never st
Posted on 08 February 2013

Tips For Avoiding Thin Ice

Wright County has many small lakes populating the land within its borders. While Wright has a little less than 64 square miles of water, that space is divided up over 315 different lakes. The area is an outdoorsman's’ dream, offering summer fishing on a boat or dock, or ice fishing on the frozen lakes in the winter. With ice fishing comes the danger of thin ice. Though most ice fisherman know the guidelines of thin ice, it can never hurt to refresh the memory.
Posted on 31 December 2012

Wright County Historical Society Showcases 'The Way We Worked'

It's not everyday the Smithsonian rolls into town displaying the pieces of their history collection. When the Smithsonian name is attached to any exhibit or event, take notice. The Wright County Historical Society is hosting The Way We Worked, a traveling exhibit set up in cooperation with the Minnesota Humanities Center and the Smithsonian. The showcase examines how American workers, from doctors to police to factory workers, work their occupations to keep America moving. This exhibit will only be touring five Minnesota communities. Wright County was chosen to help bring events such as this to rural communities. So don't miss your chance to check it out. The Way We Worked is open now until December 7th. Go to the Wright County Historical Society site for more information.
Posted on 08 November 2012

Visit Linnie's Ice Cream in Delano

Even though the warmer days are quickly escaping Minnesota, Linnie's Ice Cream in Delano can still hit the spot during any season. If cold treats don't seem to whet your appetite in the chilly weather, Linnie's also has soups, chile, nachos, pie, and hot dogs along with all sorts of mixings. Though the shop was only founded in 2009, it has garnered a faithful following since. Linnie's was started by Jon and Sheri Steinmetz in the Summer of 2009 and named after their endearing daughter, Linnie. The Steinmetz's are very much involved in the community outside of their ice cream shop, Jon was the Mayor of Delano from 2004-2008 and Sheri participates in a local A capella group.  Linnie's even has an ice cream challenge called the Linniepalooza where a challenger is tasked with eating 16 scoops of ice cream. The challenge has only been met once by a man who ate well over 16 scoops, 22 scoops in 20 minutes! Whether you want a cold treat or a hot meal, Linnie's in
Posted on 02 November 2012